Ticket to Channapatna

Every soul needs a trip, a solo trip. It’s just to find the endless possibilities.  One such trip I had been was to Channapatna.

It was one of those days where I just had to stop my brain from its routine and explore something different. “How about a visit to a vineyard ?” said the inner me. Ok! I am a teetotaler, and this was a really unusual experience.

To my luck, found the Heritage Vineyard near Channapatna which was also the city of toys. I prepared my checklist with the following:

  1. Wine Tour at Heritage vineyard
  2. Grape Stomping
  3. Visit Jaaanapada Loka

My journey on April 16th started at 7:00 AM. It was a 72km ride to Heritage Vineyard. The sight of various toy shops was a pleasant view. The first town Bidadi soon after Bangalore is famous for its Thatte-Idli. I had planned to skip this one and try a millet-dosa since I am not a big fan of Idli.

The vineyard was welcoming and I was the first one to be there. Got my tickets for the wine tour and grape stomping. The tour guide had a lot of interesting facts to share about the variety of grapes, the concept of wine tasting. The factory was smaller than expected and it was not operational since it was a Sunday.  He showed the complete set of stages where first the grapes are first washed, crushed (with the stem), fermented with a controlled temperature and finally bottled. I got to taste around 5 variety of wines including the ones made from pineapple and berries. The stomping experience was fun. I’m sure it’s not an experience for a solo traveler though.

This entire activity of stamping had made me damn hungry. I picked up some famous wooden toys from Chennapatna as a souvenir and left in search of a tummylicious food. Kamat Upachar near Ramnagar was the best choice with North Karnata Rotti Meals.

The next destination was the Jaanapada Loka where a variety of artifacts were exhibited related folk arts of various parts of Karnataka. It’s a must visit place if you are on the way to Chennapatna. Haven’t seen such a beautiful representation of information and culture before.

Overall, a doable trip for anyone with a day in hand and to pack some memories to munch in the future!

Ticket to Dodda Aladamara & Machanbele Dam

When I heard about this 100+ year old tree ( some say it is more than 300), it reminded me of the  ‘Three-eyed Ravan” from GOT!

It was Sunday morning when I packed my backpack to visit this giant tree.

Around a 30km journey from Bangalore and around 9km off Mysore road.

The main tree is actually dead and the roots are spread in more than an acre of ground.

Despite not being a professional rider, I could keep up good speeds on the NICE road. Took around 60 minutes for me to reach there.

Once you exit from Mysore road, the road keeps your eyes busy with the nursery of colorful plants on both sides till the destination.

The place is well maintained and one can visit any time of the day. If you are a bird-watcher, early mornings are the best sights. Rest of the day, you can be happy watching the monkeys!! They are smart here, so beware.

Picked-up a plant on my way from the nursery as a souvenir.

Another place on the route ahead is Machanbele Dam. A must see place if you enjoy scenic views. Though one cannot go near water, you can enjoy views of the massive collection of water and ‘Savanadurga’ in the background!

Overall, a short getaway from Bengaluru with a fulfilling experience of nature!